This Twitter thing has gone far enough by Fitz

Cada euro dado a la universidad revierte 1,88 en la sociedad via @meneame_net

Zygmunt Bauman: “El 15-M es emocional, le falta pensamiento” El

Great! #Perform_project will be in the Innovation Convention 2011 next December 5th @innovationunion #IC2011

RT @TheEconomist Cisco reckons that there could be almost 15 billion devices linked to the internet in circulation by 2015

busca noticias en The Guardian usando Twitter… @mashable The Guardian Launches Twitter-Based Search Bot –

RT@mashable Coldplay to Live Stream Free Concert on YouTube –

Games For Health Europe Conference RT@medgadget

EU to launch first two Galileo satellites today, as sat-nav system lurches forward RT@engadget

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Tweets&Links [Julio]

RT @JMALVPAL Las 100 personas + influyentes en el internet de las cosas. / vía @inti

burbuja? RT @idealista el portal inmobiliario se dispara alrededor 100% en su salida a bolsa

RT @innovalley Good example of using smart clothing for security and health. Stitch-designed intelligent clothing based on warp knit

RT @internetng Infografía de Cisco sobre el Internet de las cosas

RT @labotendencias: La importancia de la innovación en los modelos organizativos de @jfreire

RT @JesusEncinar En sólo un año la economía China ha crecido el equivalente a todo el PIB de España

Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles”

De cómo el teléfono móvil pasará a ser la nueva tarjeta de crédito: via @bitelia

Google Maps For Android Now Lets You Download Maps For Offline Viewing (Hallelujah!) via @techcrunch

RT @hojadeparra El director de Google España y 13 socios crean un fondo para invertir en empresas digitales

El teletrabajo funciona, pero no en pijama

Pensamientos ágiles: Creando una empesa en 24 horas por 100€

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The internet of things

The Internet of Things from IBM Media on Vimeo.

Who will lead us in this new concept of world? Most of the current giants will need some changes to adapt themselves to this new scenario:

Information is going to the cloud (huge datacenters) and we change our old PC for a new set of small and smart devices such as: smartphones, netbooks, laptops and all the sensors from The Internet of Things.

Apple, whose products have always been more integrated, is building a huge data centre and also offering web-based services. Google has developed Android, an operating system for smart-phones. The heavyweights in corporate IT are invading each other’s territory, too. That is the only way to grow, they believe. Also, clients love a one-stop-shop. Cisco, the world’s largest maker of data-networking gear, has started to sell servers. That spurred HP, a vendor of these machines, to push into the networking business. Oracle, which sells business software, bought Sun Microsystems, a computer-maker, last year.

web tech giants  2010

Vía: The economist

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