This Twitter thing has gone far enough by Fitz

Cada euro dado a la universidad revierte 1,88 en la sociedad via @meneame_net

Zygmunt Bauman: “El 15-M es emocional, le falta pensamiento” El

Great! #Perform_project will be in the Innovation Convention 2011 next December 5th @innovationunion #IC2011

RT @TheEconomist Cisco reckons that there could be almost 15 billion devices linked to the internet in circulation by 2015

busca noticias en The Guardian usando Twitter… @mashable The Guardian Launches Twitter-Based Search Bot –

RT@mashable Coldplay to Live Stream Free Concert on YouTube –

Games For Health Europe Conference RT@medgadget

EU to launch first two Galileo satellites today, as sat-nav system lurches forward RT@engadget

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Tweets&Links del mes [Junio]

Daniel Kraft: Medicine’s future? There’s an app for that

University of Sydney Utilizing Virtual Reality and MRI to Study Parkinson’s

iCard ECG Turns Any iPhone/iPad Into a Powerful Electrocardiograph via @Medgadget
Smartheart Lightweight Personal 12-Lead ECG Announced (via: @Medgadget)

Headmouse: ratón virtual para discapacitados via @FayerWayer

eBay compra la plataforma de código abierto Magento via @elmundoes

Parece que el nuevo Windows 8 es html5 y javascript..encantador excepto para los desarrolladores de windows via @jsalvachua

“El capital riesgo en España… ni es capital, ni es riesgo” | @cotizalia @BernieHernie ← Alto y claro..

Post. 10 medidas para que en España haya mas Startups via @JesusEncinar
Even though larger firms have the potential to innovate, it is often the smaller ones that make more advances via (@TheEconomist)

Brillante infografía sobre #YouTube: Cada minuto se suben 48 horas de vídeo via @internetng

Comparativa de iTunes Match con Amazon Cloud Player, Google Music y Spotify via @applesfera
Apple’s new iCloud is bound to prompt a response from rivals like Google and Amazon via @TheEconomist

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Maventy logo

Last week I’ve joined Maventy, an NGO which is devoted to preventing illnesses and deaths through an organized, monitored and persistent effort in Madagascar.

In June 2007, a coalition of professional doctors, nurses, teachers, epidemiologists and journalists who had previously volunteered in Madagascar, joined forces with His Excellency, Zina Andrianarivelo, the Ambassador of Madagascar to the United Nations, to establish Maventy Health International (MHI).

Maventy Health International is at present working in the Diana region in 2008 assisting the Madagascar Action Plan to reduce incidence of malnutrition, malaria, STD’s, TB and other diseases.

One of the main activities is the develpment of a we-based application for the monitoring of malnutrition in childrenhood.

You can follow them on: facebook, twitter and its website.

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