This Twitter thing has gone far enough by Fitz

Cada euro dado a la universidad revierte 1,88 en la sociedad via @meneame_net

Zygmunt Bauman: “El 15-M es emocional, le falta pensamiento” El

Great! #Perform_project will be in the Innovation Convention 2011 next December 5th @innovationunion #IC2011

RT @TheEconomist Cisco reckons that there could be almost 15 billion devices linked to the internet in circulation by 2015

busca noticias en The Guardian usando Twitter… @mashable The Guardian Launches Twitter-Based Search Bot –

RT@mashable Coldplay to Live Stream Free Concert on YouTube –

Games For Health Europe Conference RT@medgadget

EU to launch first two Galileo satellites today, as sat-nav system lurches forward RT@engadget